Park Rules & Regulation

Internal Rules

(Valid date on …. 2018)

Article 1 Security

1.1       Customers will access to park after paying entrance fee according tariff showing at the ticket zone or under presenting ticket to the Ocean Park entrance.

1.2       Entrance fees are fix and cannot be negotiate by customers. However, some promotions are available and can be ask by customer or inform by Ocean Park employees.

1.3       Kids under 15 years old have to be escort by an adult. Even if their access will be decline.

1.4       Kids under 140cm are not allowing to use some sliders, according signage post at the bottom of each sliders.

1.5       Kids between 2 and 10 years old are not allowing to move on park alone and also are not allow to use sliders without any adult escort.

1.6       Escort’s parents have to check usage mode of Ocean Park facilities and are responsible of their kids. In case of any accident, Ocean Park cannot be held responsible.

1.7       Considering as swimmer kid or adult can swim without any difficulties more than 25 meters without any help, frame or rubber ring. All customers who don’t know to swim, have to be equip by a rubber ring, lift belt or life jacket…

1.8       The entrance is prohibited to anyone who comes with glass bottle, alcohol or others items can be judge as dangerous.

1.9       Smoking is prohibited inside Ocean Park. Customers can go outside to smoke and come back to Ocean Park after security check point.

1.10     Ocean is allowing to close in case of bad weather, before any prior notice.

Article 2 Hygiene

2.1       Correct outfits to swim are: swimsuit and swimming trunk are allowing. Only lycra fabric is allowing. However, swimming dress, jean, jogging and other city clothes are prohibited.

2.2       Inside swimming zone city shoes are prohibited. Only flip flop is accepted.

2.3       Swimming zones are prohibited to customers with skin lesion or any infection diseases.

2.4       Babies have to wear a waterproof diaper.

Article 3 Customers obligations

3.1       Customers have to respect wire fence and are not allowing to access to zone protected with barriers, chains or door or any mention “Private” or “No entrance”.

3.2       Customers are not allowing to pick any flower or damage garden.

3.3       Adults have always to watch kids.

3.4       Ball games are not allowing inside Ocean Park.

3.5       Customers are responsible of their personal item. In case of lost, Ocean Park cannot be held responsible. Lockers are available at restroom.

Article 4 Picnic

4.1       Picnic is prohibited inside Ocean Park.

4.2       Any food and beverage cannot be bringing inside the park.

Article 5 Instructions facilities

5.1       Customers have to respect any instruction before using sliders. In case of any question, customers can ask Ocean Park team.

5.2       Adults escort are invited to explain rules to kids.

Article 6 Behavior

6.1       Any customer with a dangerous behavior can be excluded from the park at any time. The entrance fee will not be reimbursing.

6.2       By paying and entering inside the park, customers are agreeing to accept and respect Ocean Park rules.

6.3       Customer is subject to penalties, in case of any violation of those rules – 500,000 LAK/violation.

Thank for your understanding and have fun with Ocean Park.